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Common problems of rights protection

2016-12-14 10:27:46


1, the trademark rights, but also what we called fake what are the main types of the way?

Answer: trademark rights include: 1, routine maintenance, mainly to do communication or sent a letter warning to the trademark infringement behavior slightly, negotiation;

2, administrative punishment, administrative organs (by the Administration for Industry and commerce or the customs anti smuggling Department) investigate trademark infringement, seizure of infringing goods and accounts, and make the corresponding administrative penalties (fines, confiscation of illegal proceeds, destruction of infringing goods) or administrative guidance (ordered to stop infringement);

3, criminal investigation, trademark counterfeiting is bad, suspected to constitute related crimes of counterfeiting registered trademarks by the public security organ (Economic Investigation Department) filing, investigation, investigation of counterfeiting registered trademark, seizure of counterfeit items, tools and accounts, take strong measures to the relevant personnel involved (detention, arrest or bail), by the procuratorate the prosecution, the trial court, eventually selling fake goods should be punished;

4, litigation, the behavior of the infringement of the trademark rights of people seriously endanger the interests of the people, and the infringement has a strong economic strength, the trademark rights of people to stop the infringement by the way of litigation, while requiring compensation for losses.

2, the most direct and efficient way to stop trademark infringement?

Answer: administrative investigation and criminal investigation is the most direct and efficient, and the administrative investigation and criminal investigation directly to the right to take coercive measures, the highest efficiency, the best effect!

3, the contents of trademark rights services include those?

Answer: 1, the investigation and collection of evidence, including: name, address, infringement surrounding environment (to prevent escape or destruction of evidence), economic strength, the number and value of the infringing products, infringement on the downstream dealer information, and government departments have no close relationship;

2, the development of rights plan, according to the survey evidence to select the appropriate rights protection;

3, the implementation of the rights plan, to the relevant government departments to carry out a complaint, report or prosecute, determine the time of investigation or trial, with the relevant government departments to work;

4, follow up the results of the case, organize and save the case information, and the results of the cases submitted to the right person.

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