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Activist alliance initiative, to defend the legitimate rights and interests of writers

2016-12-14 10:28:52


September 17, 2012, Haidian District Beijing people's court for the rights alliance to prosecute Baidu library infringement case, made the first instance verdict: the closure of the rights of the union to reject the closure of Baidu library and in the front page apology and other litigation requests. The dispute was formed in 14 cases, which was dismissed from 7, the rest of the case by the court to support the compensation 145 thousand yuan.

Baidu library is a Baidu Inc, to provide users with a shared document, read the document, download the document network service platform, in essence, does not directly provide text content, but only to provide storage carrier. Because of alleged infringement of Han Han and other famous writer's works, the rights of the union to close the Baidu library request, by the majority of users of concern and attention.

The court held that the anti piracy system of Baidu Inc is not effective operation and did not take the necessary measures to stop the infringement, subjective fault exists; therefore ordered Baidu to compensate the plaintiff damages.

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