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FAQ of legal counsel

2016-12-22 16:00:16


1.    What are specific service contents of legal counsel?

A.   1) Respond to legal consultation, provide legal advice or issue legal opinion

2) Draft, formulate, review or modify the contract, regulation and other legal documents

3) Participate in commercial negotiations, make analysis and argumentation

4)  Sign, deliver or accept the legal documents

5) Make legal argumentation, propose the solution, issue negotiation letter and legal opinion, or participate in non-litigation, coordination and mediation for the dispute that the employing party has already faced, face or may face

6)  Teach practical knowledge of law

7) Monitor the issuance and modification of laws and regulations related to the employing party for its requirement

8)  Agent to participate in litigation, mediation or arbitration activities

9) Help the employing party to establish and perfect the rules and regulations of the company

10) Assist the employing party to establish legal service institutions, training and publicity the legal knowledge

11) Other legal affairs agreed by employment contract

2. What specific information does the legal counsel service need to provide or what are the obligations of the employer?

A.   The specific proceedings of legal counsel service need overall support of employer, as follows:

1)    Relevant situations of the specific services

2)    Needs, demands or requests of the specific services

3)    Contact details of related people

4)    Required relevant site information for legal counsel activities

5)    Relevant obligations agreed by legal counsel employment contract

6)    Handle the various activities of agent power of attorney     

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