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Notice on Application of Issuing Registration Certificate for Domestic Registered Trademark no Longer by Written

2016-12-21 17:02:32


In order to implement “Opinions of SAIC on Promoting the Facilitation Reform of Trademark Registration “ and concern the parties, are hereby notified as follows:


(1) Cancellation of the original application form of "Application for Issuing of Trademarks Registration Certificate", domestic registered trademark (referring to the trademark applied and approved by the applicant to the Trademark Office) will be handled through archival inquiries, stamped on "Cachet of Trademark registration certificate "certificated mark registration;


(2) Issuing registration certificate for domestic registered trademarks requires to submit identification documents and handling trademark registration number;


(3) Issuing registration certificate for domestic registered trademarks can be handled in the trademark registration hall on-site, can also be handled by post, by mail needed to be marked " issue registration certificate business for domestic registered trademark" on the envelope.


(4) Domestic registered trademarks issued by the registration certificate do not charge fees through the file search;


(5) To designate China's Madrid international trademark application to issue the certificate of trademark registration, the trademark registrant shall fill in the application form of the new edition of "Application Form for Registration Certificate of Madrid International Trademark" through the agency. The application form can be downloaded from the China trademark website. The fees for the certification of trademark registration shall be charged according to the standard of RMB100 for one category.


Above notice items implement officially since January 1, 2017.

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December 14, 2016

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