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FAQ of Agent of Risk

2016-12-22 13:44:09


1.What kinds of cases cannot use agent of risk?


A. The following cases cannot use agent of risk.

1)     Marriage , inherit cases

2)     Ask for social assurance or basic cost of living allowances.

3)     Ask for alimony payment, maintenance, pension, relief payment, industrial injury compensation

4)     Ask for payment of labor

5)     Cases of criminal procedure

6)     Cases of administrative proceeding

7)     Cases of groupment lawsuit.


2.What is advantages and disadvantages of agent of risk?


A. Its advantages are as following:

1)     Consignor doesnot need to invest capital in advance.

2)     Agent is highly active and be easier to get better result.

Its disadvantages are as following:

1)     Consignor need to pay the great amount of service charges after succeed the case.

2)     Agent cannot get any relative reward after failed the case.

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